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  1. Excavate a pond about 2' wider than the boulder fountain and about 12" deep.
  2. Fill bottom of pond with 1" of sand.
  3. Lay the pond liner in the pond bottom.
  4. Lay fabric on the liner where the boulder fountain will rest.
  5. Gently set fountain into place. This will require sufficient manpower, or use of a skid loader or other machine, using chains or sraps, depending on the size of the boulder fountain. SAFETY FIRST!
  6. If you use a basin for your pump, install the basin and the pump inside of it.
  7. Fill water into your project so as it covers the pump and plug in. This will allow you to check the way the water flows off the fountain in case you need to shim it to get the desired flow.
  8. Fill the rest of the feature with rip rap and water.
  9. If you use a basin, cover it with a piece of flag stone.
  10. If the fountain has the LED lighting, lay out the wire and cover it with small rocks so as not to damage it. And plug in.

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